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Sick of buying gasoline? Go Electric!

Amp Motor Works plans to provide a service converting some Saturn car models into plug in electric cars. In their first model, the customer provides the Saturn Sky and a payment for the electric conversion. The company then takes out all the gasoline motor parts and puts in a fully electric drive train. It should get about 150 miles on a charge. The company has plans for an SUV and a 5 passenger car conversion as well.

Article about the Amp Motor Works electric conversion: Link

Amp Motor Works: Link

Want something a little more extreme? Try out the Tesla: Link


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Charlie Rose and Neil Young

This is a good interview of Neil Young by Charlie Rose of PBS. The discussion discusses much more than his long music career, but his creative process. Particularly interesting is the section on the war in Iraq and the state of energy in the United States. Asked how long the war would go on, Young replied something to the effect of “This war will go on until we resolve our energy problem. It is going to be a very long war.” Neil Young has been involved in helping to foster new technologies to change our transportation system. Not all of his technical information is accurate, but he is working towards a solution, not just standing by.


Charlie Rose interviews Neil Young – Link

Neil Young’s website: Link

Interview about his car project: Link

Linc-Volt Neil  Young’s car is an entry in the Automotive X Prize: Link

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