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Feedback from Roslindale Community Center

Alternative Energy at Roslindale Community Center

Alternative Energy at Roslindale Community Center

This message is from Susan Klimczak.  Susan is in charge of handling many of the administrative functions in the Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn program.  Among other things, she maintains contact with the organizers of the individual community centers that we teach at.   

Below is part of an exchange with the director of the Roslindale Community Center in which Donna Parker was asked for feedback on how this year’s L2T program is running.

Here is what Donna Parker of the Roslindale Community Center said about this year’s Learn 2 Teach program:

can definitely see a difference this year. Overall the program feels stronger and more organized. I can feel the depth of experience with the mentors having more then one year of experience under their belt.
We absolutely love PICO and were so sorry that one of the motors went missing on our watch….the met with the kids and tried our best to reach out to their good hearts to get it returned but it did not work. They each had a chance to go into a room anomously and leave it if they had it….
The Director of the Community Centers asked me to order a new one for you. As soon as it comes in I will get it to you….
We are going to order a kit for ourselves at the same time….that is the good side of it.
I only had a couple of suggestions so far which I put on the forms…
1)  Ask sites to have a lamp with the right type of lightbulb available for Alternative Energy Lesson
2) Ask sites to have extra triple AAA batteries and a small screw driver available for PICO
3)  The GIMP crew was brilliant. The “Replace the Face” lesson did not work well. It felt out of sequence to their current level of experience with GIMP. Could be a lesson when they have more experience. They realized that and changed the lesson for the second group. They encorporated “Plasma” which they had learned the previous week with a photo….it made a great second lesson as it built on the knowledge they had from the previous lesson. It would make a great permanent second lesson. Most kids had to learn how to find and save images from the internet which was a big part of the lesson itself. Plus alot of them don’t even know what an image is.
I would have loved to see Mel teaching the Archdale kids….were you shorthanded or he did it because he wanted to. I think Carlies 3 sisters were there as well.

susan klimczak
assisting south end technology center @ tent city
assisting the learn 2 teach, teach 2 learn program
359 columbus avenue
boston, massachusetts 02116


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